OHIP Surgeries

  • Skin Cancer

    Both facial and non-facial in nature.

  • Carpal Tunnel and Cubital Tunnel Release

    For conservative and surgical management of upper extremity peripheral nerve entrapment issues.

  • Trigger Finger

    For conservative and surgical management.

  • Dupuytren's

    For treatment with injectable collagenase or surgical management.

  • Scar Management

    For conservative and surgical therapy.

  • Benign Skin and Subcutaneous Lesions

    Nevi, cysts, lipomas, other cutaneous lesions for consideration of surgical management. Please note the excision of benign lesions is not covered by OHIP.

  • Gender Reaffirming Surgery

    Gender reaffirming top surgery.

  • Septorhinoplasty

    Removal of part of the cartilage dividing the inside of nasal passages to relieve breathing obstruction. This can be combined with cosmetic surgery on the dorsum and tip to straighten nose and refine the tip to make it more aesthetically pleasing.

Skin Cancer

We are pleased to see consultations regarding skin cancers for both non-melanoma and melanoma involving the face, trunk, and extremities. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide skin checks at present.

Dr. Chambers spent several months during his fellowship at the prestigious Odette Cancer Center under the Sunnybrook Hospital learning from some of Canada’s Top Facial Reconstructive Surgeons. He specializes in the excision and reconstruction of complex facial lesions.

At Kawartha Plastic Surgery we are also pleased to provide “see and do service” whenever possible. This means we can provide patients with consultation and same-day surgical management when this is deemed safe and appropriate. Please feel free to utilize our web portal to upload photographs of the lesion(s) in question as this will assist Dr. Chambers in planning and help expedite the referral and consultation process.

Please include current height, weight and smoking status with referral.

Dr. Chambers does not complete or submit applications for OHIP approval for gender reaffirming top surgery. This should be supplied by your referring physician or other appropriate health care professional.

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